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Shockwave Medical is revolutionizing the interventional treatment of advanced cardiovascular disease, creating new opportunities for patients and physicians by effectively targeting calcified plaque.


In 2009, three seasoned medical device entrepreneurs founded Shockwave Medical to pursue the notion of using lithotripsy, a trusted technology historically used to break kidney stones, to disrupt calcified plaque in blood vessels. Their mission was to change the nature of interventional therapy for advanced cardiovascular disease. Seven years later, the team at Shockwave Medical is developing a range of lithotripsy-enhanced interventional devices to realize that vision.

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Since its formation, Shockwave Medical has brought together some of the industry’s most talented and experienced people that all share one collective passion: Reshaping the future of cardiovascular treatment.

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Shockwave Medical continues to seek talented and dedicated individuals eager to advance interventional cardiovascular therapy. If you are passionate about transforming patient outcomes with innovative technologies, consider joining our team.

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