Take Your Calcium Treatment to the Next Level

Intravascular Lithotripsy for Below-the-Knee Calcium. Your Sound Calcium Strategy


Minimize trauma to soft tissue by safely selecting and fracturing intimal and medial calcium


Optimize luminal gain consistently and preserve future treatment options while reducing complications


Simple and intuitive system that makes complex calcified below-the-knee procedures more predictable

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High Lumen Gain Below-the-Knee with Minimal Complications

Below-the-knee results consistent with femoropopliteal arteries

Low residual stenosis with no angiographic complications in 100% moderate/severely calcified CLI patients

 Effective in Both Intimal and Medial Calcium

IVL is effective in fracturing calcium throughout the vascular wall, producing high
acute gain with minimal complications

Shockwave S4 Specifications

Shockwave S4 is a highly deliverable low profile catheter specifically designed
to access and treat below-the-knee lesions

CATALOG # Diameter
Emitters Pulses
Cycles Guidewire
Sheath Working
Length (cm)
S4IVL2540 2.5 40 4 20 8 0.014 5F 135
S4IVL3040 3.0 40 4 20 8 0.014 5F 135
S4IVL3540 3.5 40 4 20 8 0.014 5F 135
S4IVL4040 4.0 40 4 20 8 0.014 5F 135

CATALOG # Diameter(mm)
S4IVL2540 2.5
S4IVL3040 3.0
S4IVL3540 3.5
S4IVL4040 4.0

Standard Catheter Specs
Length (mm) 40mm
Emitters 4
Pulses/Cycle 20
Guidewire Compat. 0.014
Sheath 5F
Working Length (cm) 135

Discover how you can treat BTK calcium more
effectively with the Shockwave S4.

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Prior to use, please reference the Instructions for Use for more information on indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions and adverse events.

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