A Superior Strategy for Calcified PAD

Just Released: Disrupt PAD III RCT 1- and 2-year Data
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Disrupt Pad III

Leveling the Playing Field with Sound

See Why Coronary IVL is a Potential First Line Therapy for Women with Calcified Lesions  


Above The Knee Procedures, Including Iliacs


Consistent Over TimeConsistent Across Calcium MorphologiesConsistent Outcomes Between Women & Men

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PREDICTABLY SAFE – Safely modify calcium while significantly reducing the risk of complications to make procedures more predictable and efficient

DISTINCTLY INTUITIVE – Simplify the treatment of calcium from the very first case via a unique MOA on an intuitive platform

CONSISTENTLY EFFECTIVE – Proven to achieve low residual stenosis across multiple vessel beds by disrupting superficial and deep calcium

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    The PCI Gender Gap in Treating Calcified Lesions: A Paradigm Shift

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    Shockwave IVL for CLTI Patients at CX22

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    Tips and Tricks for Guide Extension Catheter Usage with IVL

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Consistent Over Time Consistent Across Calcium Morphologies Consistent Outcomes Between Women & Men

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