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Crack Calcium At the Speed of Sound with Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL)

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Now FDA Cleared with More Power and More Pulses

Because Calcified Iliacs Never Look This Good.

IVL Enables Simple and Safe Transfemoral Access for TAVR Patients with Calcified Iliacs

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Our Partnership with Abiomed for IVL-Assisted Impella Delivery

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Minimize trauma to soft tissue by safely selecting
and fracturing intimal and medial calcium

Optimize outcomes while reducing complications
and cost escalation

Simple and intuitive system that makes complex calcified procedures more predictable

IVL technology
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The First Applications of

IVL’s Platform Technology

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Latest News, Events & Insights on Cracking Calcium
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    U.S. Pivotal Study for Coronary IVL Initiated

    Read The Press Release

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    12-month Outcomes of DISRUPT PAD II Published

    Download the CCI Paper

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    Shockwave Announces Collaboration with Abiomed

    Read the press release

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    Watch Experts Discuss the Potential of IVL

    Watch the Video

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    Shockwave M5 Now FDA-Cleared

    Learn More about M5

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    Prof. DiMario Publishes First IVL-Assisted TAVI Delivery

    Download EHJ Reprint

@naderjo Good news is that availability is spreading but not going to have any additional reimbursement for a little while

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@willsuh76 @HarryDauerman Glad to hear it!

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@willsuh76 @HarryDauerman Like the #IVLTAVR hashtag - we're stealing that one @willsuh76 - hope the TLF was beneficial!

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RT @willsuh76: @HarryDauerman Crafty. Do you have Shockwave #IVL? Might be helpful in these type of cases. #IVLTAVR

William Suh, MD


2 weeks into '19 & we're still on track w/ our New Year's resolutions: 1) make more catheters; 2) ship more cathete…

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@drandrewsharp We're on the edge of our seats...see you in NOLA @drandrewsharp! #IntravascularLithotripsy

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Huge congratulations to Dr. Richard Shlofmitz and the St. Francis cath lab team for enrolling the first patient in…

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Coronary #IVL has made it to the colonies! We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve begun #DISRUPTCAD3 - the IDE Study…

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RT @RAAnderson1: Who says you can’t move rocks. IVL #shockwave does the trick again! @nolanjimradial @mmamas1973 @DrJMHill @cghanratty 2🎈2…

Richard Anderson


@mmamas1973 @RAAnderson1 @nolanjimradial @DrJMHill @cghanratty Just have to have 2 generators!

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