The Shockwave Team

The true strength of Shockwave is a remarkable team of talented individuals across the entire organization, coming together with shared vision and values to help propel us forward in our mission: transforming the treatment of patients with the most complex cardiovascular challenges.
Shared Values
Drive Our Success
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We Start

We are not satisfied with the status quo. Where we’re going, no one has ever been – and we like it that way. We ignite new ideas and ways of thinking in every aspect of Shockwave’s business and each team member’s role, not just the products themselves. We are constantly evolving and adapting to stay one step ahead of the business and two steps ahead of our peers.

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We Expand
Boundaries Together

We break down the silos and invest in each other as we believe there is no limit to what we can accomplish when we work collaboratively. Each of us brings something unique to the equation, which is why we foster the opinions of a diverse team and include perspectives from differing backgrounds to result in the best possible solutions with shared accountability.

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We Embrace
Sound Principles

We own our decisions and actions, taking responsibility for their results. That’s why there is no difference between what we say and what we do. Our interactions with customers, employees, suppliers, investors and regulators are aligned with our stated aims and purpose. We believe in a level playing field and winning through strong work ethic, sound judgement and constructive feedback.

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We Act with

We work decisively, as we know there is much to be done to achieve our lofty goals of making a significant impact among physicians and helping improve their patients’ outcomes. We put ourselves in the physicians’ and patients’ shoes to make customer-centric decisions, even if we know that it makes things more difficult for us.

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We Generate
Our Destiny

We have confidence in achieving milestones that others would consider impossible based on our strong track record of success together, along with scaling our team to improve our growth trajectory. We approach our work with a positive mentality, assured that we can accomplish anything if we put our trust in working together, pushing limits and challenging the status quo.


Board of Directors

Ray Larkin
Chairman & Independent Director
Doug Godshall
President & Chief Executive Officer
Shockwave Medical
Kevin Ballinger
Laura Francis
Frederic Moll, M.D.
Auris Health
Antoine Papiernik
Sofinnova Partners
Maria Sainz
Sara Toyloy
Fabrica Consulting, LLC
Jay Watkins
De Novo Ventures

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