IVL opens calcified iliacs to enable passage of TAVi device

This patient was an 85-year-old woman with calcified iliacs and severe rest pain. This patient was not a surgical candidate due to lung disease. She had no transcaval or subclavian access option available. Shockwave M5 was delivered to both iliacs and IVL therapy was used, allowing the safe passage of a 26mm Metronic Evolut R TAVR device, followed by endovascular femoral repair. The patient was discharged the next day.


tvar pre procedure 1

Bilateral IVL

bilateral xray progression


pre tavr xray progression
Case courtesy of Dr. Brian Kolski

IVL-assisted TF TAVI Proved to be Safe and Effective

European Registry: IVL to Facilitate Transfemoral TAVI


To report on the safety and efficacy of IVL-assisted TF TAVI in an all-comers population

  • Prospective, real-world, multi-center registry
  • All patients treated by IVL-assisted TF TAVI ’18 - ’20
group of people
High-volume European centers
group of people
group of people
4.6 ± 0.9mm w/ 318° of calcium

Results: High Success, Low Complications

group of people
group of people

IVL has helped to expand the indications for TF TAVI in patients with severe calcific PAD

Transfemoral TAVI (%)

group of people

IVL-Assisted TAVI (%)

group of people

Nardi & De Backer et al. Peripheral intravascular lithotripsy of iliofemoral arteries to facilitate transfemoral TAVI: a multicentre prospective registry. EuroIntervention 2021;17-online publish-ahead-of-print November 2021.


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intravascular lith pdf
Intravascular Lithotripsy-Assisted Transfemoral TAVI: The Copenhagen Experience and Literature Review, De Backer et al, Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine, September 2021.
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Peripheral intravascular lithotripsy pdf
Peripheral intravascular lithotripsy for transcatheter aortic valve implantation: a multicentre observational study, Nardi et al, Eurointervention, April 2022.
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