Sound Evidence for Your Peripheral Calcium Strategy

At Shockwave, we’re committed to the creation of sound clinical evidence to support the adoption and long-term utilization of our technology. This includes a balance of high-quality Shockwave-sponsored and investigator-initiated research studies to advance the knowledge of our technology’s performance in daily practice.

Shockwave's Clinical Evidence Pillars

What We Set Out to Demonstrate

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Consistent safety profile across studies for the patient and within the vessel

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Highly effective in dilating calcified lesions – from the simple to the complex

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Economic value through the reduction of complications and cost escalation

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Ease of Use

Seamless integration with consistent outcomes and minimal learning curve

Shockwave-sponsored DISRUPT PAD Clinical Program

pad i
Single-arm, pre-market European study demonstrating the safety and performance of IVL as standalone therapy in heavily calcified, fem-pop lesions and followed to 6 months.
pad ii
Post-market, European registry examining the ongoing safety and performance of peripheral IVL as standalone therapy in heavily calcified fem-pop lesions followed out to 12 months.
pad iii
A prospective, randomized, multicenter, study to evaluate the benefit of IVL combined with drug-coated balloons vs standalone DCB in heavily calcified fem-pop lesions followed out to 24 months. It is also includes an all-comers registry arm to assess the real-world acute performance of IVL in lower extremities, including iliac, femoral, fem-pop, popliteal infrapopliteal lesions.
disrupt btk
Post-market, European study to assess the safety and effectiveness of IVL in heavily calcified infrapopliteal lesions out to 30 days.

Clinical Evidence Multimedia Resources

gunnar tepe
Dr. Gunnar Tepe
Watch Dr Gunnar Tepe discuss the role of IVL in treating calcified PAD.
Watch Interview
sarang mangalmurti
Dr. Sarang Mangalmurti
Read Dr. Sarang Mangalmurti’s case report using IVL to treat calcified CLI disease.
Read Case Report
thomas zeller
Prof. Thomas Zeller
Read Prof Thomas Zeller perspective on how IVL is improving treatment for calcified PAD
Read Perspective

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