Extend Your Capabilities with the New Peripheral IVL Workhorse

Treats long lesions efficiently: 400 pulses at 2Hz pulsing speed allow for efficient treatment of over 30cm lesions
Provides extended reach below-the-knee: 150cm working length allows for the treatment of difficult-to-reach lesions
Enables access options with sheath compatibility: The 5Fr. and 6Fr. compatibility enables the use of access sites such as pedal and radial
Shockwave E8 White Shocks

Purpose-Built to Treat Challenging Calcium Above and Below the Knee

Shockwave E8 is the new peripheral IVL workhorse catheter that extends your capabilities both above and below the knee. Shockwave E8 will come in versatile sizes from 2.5mm-6.0mm, have a working length of 150cm and is able to treat up to 30cm lesions.

Shockwave E8 Product Specs

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