In anticipation of TCT starting in early November, we had quick conversation with Shockwave Medical’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Keith Dawkins, about IVL’s presence at the meeting and the most interesting data coming out. Hope you... Read More >
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Explore the new world of Shockwave with Paul Higginbottom, Director of Sales in the UK and France, in ChalkTalk episode five. With over 10+ years in the medical device industry and a complex PCI background, Paul... Read More >
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Follow the journey of Prof. James Spratt, a specialist in complex PCI and education, as he moves from early IVL adopter to expert in the technology. ChalkTalk episode four captures how Prof. Spratt, from St. George’s... Read More >
TOPIC: Coronary IVLIVL TechnologyShockwave C2Treating Different Ca++ Morphologies
Blast into the past with the co-founder of IVL technology, John Adams, and Dr. Ziad Ali, of St. Francis Hospital in Long Island, NY, as they reminisce on what brought Shockwave to where it is today.... Read More >
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In the second episode of ChalkTalk, calcium experts Drs. Ziad Ali (St. Francis Hospital), Robert Riley (The Christ Hospital), Robert Yeh (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center), Richard Shlofmitz (St. Francis Hospital), and Philippe Genereux (Morristown Medical... Read More >
TOPIC: Coronary Clinical DataCoronary IVLShockwave C2Treating Different Ca++ Morphologies
Perspective from Shockwave’s Chief Executive About Why He Joined and Where He Wants to Take Shockwave in the Future Important Safety Information Rx only Indications for Use—The Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) System with the Shockwave C2 Coronary IVL... Read More >
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